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Support legislation that protects the rights of all Texans with disabilities to participate fully in the voting process. Measures include: accessible voting technologies at all polling locations, the elimination of architectural and communication barriers at polling locations, and protecting the rights of eligible voters to participate in elections.

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Aug. 9: After Gov. Abbott signed a bill that would protect the voting rights of seniors living in nursing home during the regular session, the Texas House is now considering a bill that would repeal that measure.

Aug. 8: Check out REV UP Texas' new video below promoting the disability vote.

REV Up_OC_TX from Stephanie Thomas on Vimeo.


CTD has worked to protect the voting rights of Texans with disabilities and promote voting within this community since our foundation in 1978. For example, for many years, we successfully opposed Voter ID bills in the Texas legislature, which would have restricted access to the voting process. In 2011, the legislature did pass a Voter ID bill, but one with a CTD amendment that allows a person with a disability to claim an exemption from the new requirements.

We support and participate in nonpartisan initiatives that work to educate voters with disabilities about their rights and encourage the disability community to make their voice heard. In the early 200s, CTD became deeply involved with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and the Secretary of State's office, giving HAVA presentations, training election workers and county judges, and conducting award-winning public awareness projects like VOTEXAS. We have also conducted accessible voting machine demonstrations and testing. In 2014, voting machine manufacturer Hart Intercivic reached out to CTD to conduct usability testing on their newly developed voting system, Verify.

Currently, we are active members of the REV UP Texas campaign (Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power!) to mobilize the disability vote.

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