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Texans need prosperous, safe, and healthy communities that promote growth and opportunity. Excellent public schools, quality health care, safe roads, environmental protection, and other crucial services require strong public investments, yet state spending does not keep up with growth in population and inflation, let alone prepared our state for the challenges of the future (not to mention the present).

The coronavirus pandemic has brought some the most devastating effects of chronic systems underfunding into sharp focus. At the same time, this crisis, including unemployment and economic impacts, has prompted speculation of severe budget cuts in 2021. CTD firmly believes that budget cuts will amplify, not relieve, the worst effects of the coronavirus in Texas. Given Texas’ massive rainy day fund, the extra billions the federal government has sent and will send, and multiple opportunities to close revenue loopholes, state leadership cannot claim helplessness in state finances.

During the interim (2020), CTD is monitoring the Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR) and Exceptional Items from relevant state agencies for the 2022-23 state budget, to be determined in the 2021 legislative session, as well as proposed interim cuts.

The Latest

December 16, 2020: From Every Texan's blog, State lawmakers have several alternatives to cuts as they bring the 2021 budget back into balance and tackle the job of writing the 2022-2023 budget.

December 1, 2020: Cause for optimism...? The Texas Tribune reports that Despite staggering pandemic losses, Texas budget forecast better than expected, state comptroller says

August 30, 2020: CTD's Jolene Sanders-Foster emphasized that respite services for low-income families who need help caring for children with complex medical needs are among the programs on the chopping block in 2021 budget cuts: San Antonio Express-News' Legislature sidelined as three Texas GOP leaders steer $1B in budget cuts

July 14, 2020: Our Dennis Borel responded to the State's proposed $130 million budget cuts from HHSC in an Austin American-Statesman Letter to the Editor: Don't Target Vulnerable Texans with Budget Cuts.

July 14, 2020: Rep. John Bucy's Letter to the Editor: Let Texas voters decide whether to expand Medicaid (Austin American-Statesman)

July 13, 2020: CTD was among 37 Texas organizations who sent a letter to the Texas delegation in Congress calling for swift passage of a COVID-19 relief package that further boosts federal health care funding for states through the “FMAP” Medicaid matching rate and maximizes the benefits that Texas receives from the increase. Read the letter.


Across our priorities, CTD favors policies that support long-term sustainability and prosperity while benefitting Texans with disabilities. As individuals, basic priniciples of money management tell us that it’s smarter to plan up-front investments and prevent expensive, avoidable crisis situations. The same is true for the state. Here are a few of CTD’s policy positions that build on this foundation:

In every area of our work, it is clear that lawmakers' budgetary decisions can empower and help all Texans, including Texans with disabilties—or hurt them. That's why CTD always priorities the State Budget and Appropriations in our advocacy work. While securing funding is often an uphill battle, CTD has built a track record of success: over the past decade, we have calculated that CTD has led or significantly contributed to legislative efforts that have added over $3 billion in state budget appropriations to programs and services that support Texans with disabilities and seniors.

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