CTD has built a reputation as one of the foremost advocates in the state for public policy that protects and benefits Texans with disabilities. Whether the Legislature is in session or we're in an interim year, be assured that CTD is working for you at the Capitol!

Monday, June 29, is the last day of the regular legislative session. Our Legislative report is forthcoming. 

Need to catch up? Download a quick overview of our Top Legislative Priorities, or view the archive of our Jan 9. Legislative Briefing.

Our full, web-based Legislative Agenda below will be updated regularly throughout session and includes links to more information about issues and opportunities to take action.

Top Priority Issues

1. Community Services

The freedom for all to work, live, learn, play, and participate fully in one’s community of choice is written directly into our mission. CTD seeks out opportunities to encourage policy that increases independence and access for Texans with disabilities, wherever they choose to be.

Partnering Initiatives:


2. Children's Issues

3. Transportation

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4. Employment

5. Access to Healthcare

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*State Budget*

The State Budget is a critical factor to support and promote independence for Texans with disabilities. Successful advocacy is near impossible without an eye on appropriate funding, which is why we give it its own section. Budget notes are included in many of our priorities above.

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Other issues

ADA Sovereign Immunity

Currently, the State of Texas claims sovereign immunity in cases involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a landmark federal law guaranteeing full civil rights to people with disabilities. This argument has successfully prevented persons claiming discrimination based on disability from having their day in court.

Guardianship Reform

After major successes in the 84th Legislature, we are returning this session to finish up our work with the Guardianship Reform and Supported Decision Making Workgroup. Namely, changing the impersonal term “Ward” to “Person under guardianship” and establishing Duties of Guardians to improve protections for individuals committed to institutional settings.

Texas ABLE Act

The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act allows Americans with disabilities to open their own savings accounts and maintain their Medicaid eligibility. While this is important watershed legislation by the federal government, individual states must pass enablement legislation. CTD led the way in passing the ABLE Act in Texas and continues to monitor and give input during its rollout.

State Supported Living Centers

State Supported Living Centers (SSLCs) are state run institutions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The population has been declining for years and costs continue to skyrocket, while waiting lists to receive services in community settings continue to grow. We support efforts to consolidate Texas' SSLC system and redirect savings to community services.


Since CTD's foundation, we have supported legislation that protects the voting rights of all Texans with disabilities, as well as participated in nonpartisan initiatives to educate voters with disabilities about their rights and mobilize the disability vote.