Criminal Justice

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Our Position

CTD supports legislation that will authorize supported decision-making agreements for those with disabilities during court proceedings, which would allow authorized supporters to help individuals understand their rights during the legal process. We also support more transparency in our jails concerning the release of medical information. CTD supports legislation that will make this process easier for families and agencies to inquire about the physical and emotional wellbeing of individuals with disabilities in custody.

The Latest

May 23, 2022: view the recording of Reinstating Pell for Incarcerated Students: A Primer for Texas Advocates, a virtual event on which CTD's Jolene Sanders-Foster and Jennifer Toon were among the panelists.


It is well documented that people with disabilities are over represented in the criminal justice system, as well as more likely to be victimized while in the system and receive less access to supportive services. CTD's work in 2021 revolved around ensuring that kids and adults with mental health concerns and/or IDD have the support they needed in both county and state facilities.