Interns & Volunteers

Current Opportunities

2019 Film Festival Intern

Past Interns & Volunteers

Spencer Cook

2018 Policy Intern

Jennifer Bracy

2018 Film Fest Intern

Behind a table of other people blurred in motion and looking away, a young woman tilts her head back and smiles broadly directly at the camera.


Erika Lawn

Film Fest Intern (2014- 2017)

From outreach to volunteer management, Erika has provided valuable help for the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival. Read more


Eden Keig

2017 Summer Intern

Jordan Fogle

Policy Intern (2017 Legislative Session)

Michael Hart

Policy Intern (2015 Legislative Session)

Torso-up shot of a young woman with eyes closed smiling at the camera.


Josselyn Sosa

Film Fest Intern (Summer 2013)

With Seeing Eye dog Nasha in tow, Josselyn spent a month working on outreach and publicity for the 2013 Film Festival. Read more


A young woman in business dress holds in both hands the handle of a cart full of bound volumes and smiles directly at the camera.



Sydney Paschall

Policy Intern (2013 Legislative Session)

An invaluable member of the CTD advocacy team in 2013, Syndey analyzed policy, made legislative visits, contributed to community organizing efforts, and much more. Read more