CTD’s Statement on Over-reliance on Restraint and Use of Force with Students with Disabilities

June 16, 2021

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The passage of HB 785 by Dr. Alma Allen, which requires periodic review of behavior intervention plans and establishes requirements for educators after each use of restraint on a student, was a big win for CTD and advocacy partners this legislative session.

But less than 2 weeks after celebrating the governor's stamp of approval on HB 785, we are devastated to learn of the death of Xavier Hernandez following a restraint at school in March (reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram June 16: Fort Worth student with autism died after being restrained at school. What happened?)

The over-reliance on restraint and use of force with students with disabilities has left a wake of trauma and physical harm and it must stop.

We encourage you read the Autism Society of Texas' statement about this matter and take action.