Pen 2 Paper 2018 Results

2018 was another record-breaker for Pen 2 Paper! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted over 360 pieces of disability fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and comics (yes, we got some comics!). Since we had so many high quality pieces of work, we decided to increase our finalist pool compared to previous years. We quickly realized that choosing only ten entries per category would not only be very difficult for us, but it also meant too many outstanding entries would have gone unrecognized. We just couldn't let that happen!

We are proud to announce the following finalists from each division. Entries posted with permission; authors retain all rights. Please note that starred entries may contain strong language, violence, or sexual content.

Grand Prize

Disarmed Georgette Mallory

Non Fiction

Read all Non Fiction entries here

First Place: For the Star * Erin Clark
Second Place: (tie) Stable Mary-Pat Hayton | Tell Me About Today Bobbi Junior
Audience Favorite: Disarmed Georgette Mallory


Read all Fiction entries here

First Place: The Monster Inside Cohl Warren-Howles
Second Place: Numbers in the Park Michael Pesant
Audience Favorite: Spinne the Spider's Big City Adventure Lindy (MaeMae) Spencer


Read all Poetry entries here

First Place: Tales of an Injured Warrior Nica Rodriguez
Second Place: (tie) The Autistic Voice Andrew Blitman | Sclerotic Disambiguation AT Hincaple | Speech Therapists Will Give Stickers to Anyone Jill Hawkins
Audience Favorite: The Autistic Voice Andrew Blitman


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First Place: Faceplant * David Borden & Eric Clow
Second Place: Oh Brother Georgina Chadderton
Audience Favorite: Oh Brother Georgina Chadderton

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