CTDFF: Online! Short Film Showcase

August 15 - September 15, Cinema Touching Disability proudly presented a digital showcase of 10 disability shorts from our international Short Film Competition. These films will NOT be screened at CTDFF in October.


OK, so Cam's hungover, lost, vomit-stained, dealing with a very rude visitor, and totally in the dark. On the other hand, er, claw, she has an advantage that many Aussies can only dream about. Audio described.

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Follow filmmaker & activist Jason DaSilva on a spirited investigation of a maddening Catch-22 that prevents him from moving to another state to be closer to his son—and still get the care that his multiple sclerosis requires.

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with Alison Myers (director of LOBSTER) and Jason DaSilva (MAPPING THE DISABILITY TRAP), recorded Aug. 22, 2020


Shot from a far away profile, a man and a woman sit side by side in a dimly lit room. A film that confronts the complexities of being disabled and dating. Kim, who was born with on arm, gets set-up to go on a blind date. When she finally meets Jake, she quickly realizes he also has a physical disability, and she is pissed (right: Jordan Wiseley and Delaney Feener as Jake and Kim).

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Sean, a young gay man with cerebral palsy, navigates dating with a disability in New York City. After meeting a man he believes is a perfect match, he decides to lie about his disability. This white lie leads to series of events and missteps that make Sean examine the way he presents himself and his condition to the world.

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with Ashley Eakin (director of SINGLE) and Sean Leviashvili (writer, producer, and star of LIMP), recorded Aug. 30, 2020


A young Paralympic athlete shares his intimate perspective on how the Snowy Mountains of Australia and a newfound ability changed the way we looked at life.

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A woman of small stature slides a bow across a violin that she holds like a cello and closes her eyes singing into a microphone. The arms of her power chair are just visible.Minnesota violinist and disability rights advocate Gaelynn Lea (right) along with her husband, Paul, travels the upper Midwest on tour, experiencing the ups and downs of the road while hustling hard to make it as a performer and artist.

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10 minute Portrait of San Francisco Bay Area African-American poet/artist Charles Curtis Blackwell.

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WATCH: CTDFF: Online! Closing Night Filmmaker Q&A on Documenting Artists with a Disability

with Gaelynn Lea (GAELYNN LEA: THE SONGS WE SING) and Jeff M. Giordano and Aaron Gwynn (director and editor of CHARLES CURTIS BLACKWELL, recorded Sept. 15, 2020

In a stark white room, a man leans all of his weight on his hands on a brown table. His face is calm, but his hair and a shirt tied around his waist are in the air, as though he's moving quickly.TRAGICALLY DEAF

Paul is having a great day. He has a loving family, a good job, and enjoys life to the fullest. It’s a pity that the documentary crew following him doesn’t seem to see that…


Jensen Caraballo's autobiographical short film about being institutionalized in a nursing home as a teenager. Audio described.


Breaking down the rules that restrict us - those that lie within - those that lie without... (right: Thomasin Gülgeç).

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