2019 SXSW Film: Vision Portraits

Directed by Rodney Evans
Starring: Rodney Evans, John Dugdale, Kayla Hamilton, Ryan Knighton, and Anton Federov.
CTDFF Rating: 5/5 stars

Low lit close up a downcast face in profile, with bright, colorful circles of out of focus lights in the background.Filmmaker Rodney Evans embarks on a scientific and artistic journey, questioning how his loss of vision might impact his creative future. Through illuminating portraits of three artists—a photographer, a dancer, and a writer—VISION PORTRAITS (right) looks at the ways each artist was affected by the loss of their vision and the ways that their creative process has changed or adapted.

This film is visually stunning. The director really zeroed in on all the little details and pieces to bring the story together completely. It was a true vision indeed.

During the Q&A, Evans talked about the decision he had to make of whether or not to cast himself in the film, as he was following the film's other subjects. He said that ultimately, to stay true to himself and the documentary’s credibility, he decided to cast himself and explore his own journey. It is within this short time in the film that viewers get real insight into how much Rodney can see and how he approaches filmmaking.

The film's exploration of each artist includes their approach to the arts, the limitations they each face, and the determination they have to practice their passions (spoilers: it's truly unmatched). VISION PORTRAITS is a shining example of how there are many ways to achieve goals, and it really speaks to the ability to adapt. Each artist has their own unique methods for achieving the things they want in life. Now, Evans relies more on others to help him visualize things on set or during the post-production process. He is creating differently than before, but he is still creating.

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April 26, 2019, Jennifer Bracy- Development Specialist & CTDFF staff

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