2008 Short Film Competition

still from Mind Over Polio
A woman in a bed looks at a breathing tube on her face, while another woman behind the bed adjusts it.

Emerging Division

1st Place: Mind Over Polio
(dir. Debbie Finley)
Polio, an often crippling and deadly disease, reached epidemic proportions in the 1950s. It hit Charlotte Ferris at age two. Sometimes polio goes away. In Charlotte's case it came back in her thirties as post polio syndrome. Despite Charlotte's continual physical deterioration, due to post polio syndrome, Charlotte maintains a positive outlook and finds joy in each day. She shares a home in Austin, Texas with her boyfriend Carl and four dogs. Charlotte finds daily pleasures by socializing with friends, family, and neighbors and walking her dogs. Blessed with high intellect, she is a voracious reader and stays current on public affairs. She holds a Master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Her positive spirit and humor shine through all that she does. View Mind Over Polio

2nd PlacePrelude (dir. Tamir Kalifa)

3rd PlaceADAPT to Freedom (dir. ADAPT of Texas)
A documentary about the disability advocacy of the group ADAPT of Texas.

Scholastic Division

1st PlaceThe War to End All Wars (dir. Michael Espinoza) 
The filmmaker's blindness did not stop him from writing, composing music for, and starring in this silent short film about the futility of international war.

2nd Place: Treasure Diversity (dir. Drew Goldsmith)
Treasure Diversity, a compelling short documentary, invites viewers to understand better persons who look or act different, persons whose abilities are diverse, persons who are autistic. Building off the seminal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., the film first explores the discrimination evoked when any group is labeled by others as being inferior. The film interviews autistic society members about the discrimination they have received and their hopes for a more inclusive and tolerant society. The film places autistic self-advocacy squarely in the light of disability self-advocacy and human rights. "It's not being normal that's important - it's learning to accept our being different."

3rd Place: What an Unlawful Mess (dir. Victor Gallo)
This animated film shows a variety of imaginative scenes and was created by someone who has an intellectual disability.

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