Staff: Joanne Canciglia

Joanne Cancigalia is CTD's 2022-2023 Public Policy Fellow. They are tasked with advocating for a sustainable and thriving personal attendant workforce through the increase of wages, available benefits, and career development opportunities. They are also tasked with advocating for the expansion of Medicaid dental benefits.

Joanne has a vested interest in other areas of advocacy, such as: the availability and affordability of healthcare, non-medical switching, co-pay assistance contributing to the payment of a deductible, and medical cannabis.

Joanne received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and a minor in disability studies, from the University of California, Berkeley. They have a history in casework and advocacy, having previously worked for a Texas CIL for almost 4 years providing service to extremely low-income Texans with disabilities. Other sub-populations they specialize in advocating for and working with include: people with chronic illnesses, people who are homeless, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.