Promoting Independence

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We support Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Exceptional Item #14 for Promoting Independence (PI) community waiver slots for people moving out of institutions or at imminent risk of institutionalization at $50.1 million from General Revenue (GR).

In addition, we recommend that HHSC report an offset of money saved from the high-cost institutions.

Exceptional Item #14 would fund 3,146 community living placements, breaking down as follows:

The Latest

Line item funding for the Promoting Independence program has been dropped from HHSC's budget entirely. (Jan. 30, 2017)


The Promoting Independent Program supports the movement of individuals from institutions to cost-effective community care and prevents institutionalization of those in crisis situations. This program also serves children aging out of foster care. Experience has proven that individuals are served most effectively and efficiently in community-based settings.

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