IMPERFECT, THE FILM (2021) is an unrated documentary and has a run time of 78 minutes. This film will screen at Cinema Touching Disability on Friday, October 14, 2022.

On a bridge with a train rolling by are a pair of dancers. One is in a power chair, and he holds up one hand of the other, who leans back across his knee and lifts one leg high in the air.Just added, live performances with IMPERFECT:


Dramatically lit and in front of a dark curtain stands a man flanked by two women, arm in arm, singing or laughing deviously. One leans to side on her cane and all hold champagne glasses.IMPERFECT is a story of artists who live and perform with the uniqueness of disability, having been denied their place in the spotlight.

IMPERFECT follows Phamaly, a Denver theatre company for disabled actors, as they mount a production of the legendary musical, Chicago. In the opening scene, we’re introduced to the company’s director and the film’s co-director, Regan Linton, starting her day in her wheelchair. Following the production from casting through opening night, we meet actors with disabilities ranging from spinal cord injury to Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral palsy to autism, who tailor their performances to their individual strengths and uniqueness as disabled artists.

Capturing the raw, honest stories of these actors both inside the production and outside the theatre in their everyday lives, IMPERFECT reveals a rare behind-the-scenes look at talented artists who push to succeed as professional performers, no matter the obstacles. Showcasing the joy, humor, and talent of all involved, this award-winning documentary focuses on the importance of the disability community telling their own story and highlighting people who have historically been denied their place in the spotlight.


imperfect TRAILER from Fast Forward Films, LLC on Vimeo.

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