My Bionic Pet

My Bionic Pet (2014) has a run time of 54 minutes. This film will screen at Cinema Touching Disability Friday, October 13, 2017. Friday night's screening is cohosted by Austin Animal Center. Audio description by VSA Texas.

Just added: Skype Q&A with My Bionic Pet star Chris P. Bacon following the film!

Just added: Join the Austin Animal Center before the show to meet Austin-based bionic pet and Instagram star Elmer the cat!

About My Bionic Pet

Have you ever seen a pig in a wheelchair? How about an alligator with a prosthetic tail?

In a patch of grass, a small pig stands at an angle facing the camera. A pair of wheels is attached to a harness around his shoulders, serving as his back legs.

Originally aired as a NATURE documentary, My Bionic Pet takes a look at animals with injuries or disabilities—and the custom prosthetics their humans develop for them. Bionic limbs, tails, and even a beak are created for our four- and two-legged friends to improve their mobility, their overall quality of life, and their emotional wellbeing. It's a state of being they embrace whole-heartedly.

Follow the stories of a horse, a pig, a swan, an alligator and several dogs, all of whom have been provided with prosthetics that have changed their lives. And meet the dedicated experts and caregivers who have made it all possible. 

View the trailer below.

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