My Gimpy Life

An episode of webseries My Gimpy Life (2011-present) screened at the Festival Saturday, October 18.

Teal Sherer, creator and star of My Gimpy Life, joined Cinema Touching Disability via Skype to introduce the series! Plus, check out Cinema Touching Disability's exclusive interview with Teal!

Two seated men, one sitting in a wheelchair, look up from the papers they are holding with surprised expressions.My Gimpy Life is an original, award-winning comedy online series created by and starring Teal Sherer, who is best known as “Venom” from Felicia Day’s The Guild. Loosely based on real life, the show centers around Sherer’s awkward adventures as a disabled actor trying to navigate Hollywood in a wheelchair.

My Gimpy Life is written by Gabe Uhr and directed by Sean Becker. Season one is produced by Sherer’s Rolling Person Productions and is executive produced by Steven Dengler of Dracogen.

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View the trailer for Season 2 below.


The 2014 film lineup:

Musical Chairs The Little Tin Man My Gimpy Life

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