Direct Support Professionals Week 2017

Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week is Sept. 10 - 17, 2017! To celebrate, each day this week, we are recognizing an outstanding community attendant employed through our CDS Division.

Our second outstanding attendant this week is Norma Loudon, attendant and sister-in-law of Kortney Loudon. Norma helps Kortney around the house, providers emotional support, and makes sure she eats right and avoids foods she's allergic to. “Kortney just loves Normal to death!” says Linda Loudon, Kortney's mother and primary caregiver. They enjoy comedies and Disney movies, BBQs, and birthday parties together. The CDS option has been helpful to the Loudons "in so many ways," says Linda. “You’re constantly having to be on your toes 24/7. Those few hours of rest [when another caregiver can take over] are precious."

Did you know?

The Texas Workforce Commission projects DSPs as Texas’ fastest growing occupation, requiring 102,030 new workers by 2024, outstripping the cumulative total of the next eight fastest growing occupations.


A red-hair woman holds two young children close, all smiling up at the camera.Today, our hat is off to Anne Canizaro (left), who cares for Binky Hughes (right, below) in South Austin. Growing up, Anne was close friends with Binky’s daughter, so she spent a lot of time in Binky’s home and became like a member of the family. When Binky had her leg amputated, she needed someone she trusted to care for her during the day. With Anne’s children starting school, it was a perfect match: Anne had the flexibility to drop off and pick up her kids from school, while providing Binky with the care she needed.

An older woman smiles and looks up from a clothed table, her arm looped over a black metal armrest.

Anne helps Binky get to her many doctor appointments, maintain her physical therapy, go grocery shopping, and even makes sure that once in a while Binky gets out for something fun. Most importantly, Anne provides companionship for Binky. They converse easily throughout the day, and Anne continually encourages Binky to stay healthy and keep working with her prosthetic leg. Binky would not be in the improved physical condition she has achieved if it were not for Anne’s involvement and dedication.

Did you know?

An estimated 298,000 people work as community DSPs in Texas.