Building a Barrier-Free Campus

Event date: Sept. 29 - Oct. 24, 2017 | Location: Austin TX, various locations

What: Opening of Building a Barrier-Free Campus exhibit at The University of Texas at Austin and roundtable discussion on higher education and accessibility

When: Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 5:30-7 pm

Where: USCU room, Perry-Castañeda Library, The University of Texas at Austin

Why: October is Texas Persons with Disabilities History & Awareness Month. Come learn about the history of the nation’s largest minority—1 in 5 people—and why the history of disability rights and accessibility matters. Hear how this history is being collected and preserved in UT Arlington Libraries’ Texas Disability History Collection and see the Building a Barrier-Free Campus exhibit (on tour in Austin in October).  


American Sign Language interpretation will be provided.  

The Building a Barrier-Free Campus exhibit traces how UT Arlington became a model accessible campus for students with disabilities starting in the mid-1960s—a time when disabled students had no right to attend K-12 schools or college—and how disabled students and alums helped drive disability rights activism and adapted sports in Texas and beyond.

Stops on the tour include

View a digitized version of the exhibit.

UT Arlington Libraries' Texas Disability History Collection is the first disability history archive in the Southwest, and ranges from a 1493 map of the known world to the present. Digitized highlights from the Texas Disability History Collection reflect TDHC’s strengths in the intersecting histories of assistive technologies, adapted sports, and disability rights.

For more information, contact Sarah Rose at or 773-454- 9822.  

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