Blog: September Voting Updates

September 5, 2021

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All eyes have been on Texas as our state legislature reconvened in its second special session on July 8th to finish what many believe was unfinished business. With tensions running high and party lines drawn in the sand, many of us wish for the old days when legislators could debate, compromise and work towards serving all Texans.

In 2021, CTD’s goals were and continue to be:

Through the wins and losses in the 87th regular and both specials sessions, we played a vital role in many of the negotiations, while continually reinforcing that election measures lose any semblance of integrity once they interfere with the reasonable, necessary, and legally protected accommodations for voters with disabilities that have already been in place and working well.

So, after nine months of debate, dozens of hearings, long nights in the Capitol cafeteria, and countless meetings with legislators and their staf,f where did we land?

Provisions in 2021 Texas Elections Bills that Increase Voter Access

Mitigation of Restrictive Provisions in 2021 Texas Elections Bills

These provisions existed in at least one version of the proposed elections omnibus bills (HB 6 (Cain) / SB 7 (Hughes) in the regular session and SB 1 (Hughes) and HB 3 (Murr) in the special sessions), but have been favorably amended or are not present in the final version of the bill.

You may be asking yourself, are we done yet? And, the best answer we can give you is, we don’t think so! There are already calls for a 3rd special session and more changes to our elections process in Texas, which will be Gov. Abbott's call.