Amplify Austin

Event date: 2/24/2017, 4:00pm | Location: 1716 San Antonio St.

Grand total coming soon!

What a year for Amplify Austin! We had a great time at our Friday on the Porch: Amplify edition (the weather even cooperated). Even before the Amplify day of giving officially began on March 2, we had already raised more in scheduled donations than we had during the past 2 years of Amplify combined! Thank you!

Your financial support allows us to focus on what we do best over the course of the Legislature: fighting for policies that benefit and protect Texans with disabilities and creating space at the table for our voices to be heard!

CTD and our partners are in the midst a lot of hard fights during Texas' 85th Legislative Session (January 10 - May 29). Children's issues like Medicaid therapies and special education; accessible parking and texting while driving; and sufficient funding for community services are just a few of areas we're targeting at the Capitol this spring.

Don't forget, this year, St. David’s Foundation is matching your Amplify Austin donations to CTD on a prorated basis – which means we could get a boost that increases our total donations by 30%! The more we raise, the bigger our share is of their $1 million match!

Grand total coming soon!