THANK YOU to William, Dennis, and Bryson and all who sponsored them, for going the distance, while keeping your distance, for disability rights in Texas!

Our team raised over $9,000 for CTD and ADAPT of Texas!

William (below) started the day strong for his route through South Austin! Not pictured: William's cat Matcha, who would have you believe he deserves all the credit for this event.

A grinning William holds up his arms to flex his biceps. He's wearing a green running shirt and arm band that holds his phone.

Bryson's route utilized & celebrated the new Red River sidewalk project in Austin's Hancock neighborhood. He reported that he completed his one lap in a lighting fast, blazing, awe inspiring, sizzling 8 minutes!

While Dennis was on the injured list the day of the run, he looks forward to completing his Bizarre Building route through his South Austin neighborhood as soon as his foot has healed!

Dennis and his Australian shepherd Kip stand outside a large orange and turquoise house and a set of round concrete and mosaic steps. Trees and swirling gold sculptures share the foreground.     

Dennis and Kip stand outside a German style white house with brown trim and details.

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Action shot of William in profile, running past a marathon tent

William Greer
CTD Film Festival Director & our resident speedster

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Dennis raises an eyebrow as he smiles up at the camera.

Dennis Borel 
CTD Executive Director & frequent FUN*RUNNER

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From a low angle, Bryson, wearing a burnt orange UT shirt, smiles at the camera.

Bryson Smith
Concerned Citizen, long-time CTD member, volunteer & frequent FUN*RUNNER

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Want to join the team? Give us a shout at info@txdisabilities.org!