THANK YOU to all of our runners and their supporters for the 2021 ADAPT FUN RUN for Disability Rights!

Despite some last minute obstacles on May 1st (rain, injury, flip-flop theft), our team completed their virtual runs and raised (at a preliminary count) around $9,000 for CTD and ADAPT of TEXAS! Thank you again to William, Dennis, Geoffrey, and Bryson for going the distance, while keeping your distance, for disability rights in Texas!

You can still support one of our four runners to help fund CTD and ADAPT of Texas through the spring!

Action shot of William in profile, running past a marathon tent

William Greer
CTD Film Festival Director & our resident speedster

Support William!


Dennis raises an eyebrow as he smiles up at the camera.

Dennis Borel 
CTD Executive Director & frequent FUN*RUNNER

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From a low angle, Bryson, wearing a burnt orange UT shirt, smiles at the camera.

Bryson Smith
Concerned Citizen, long-time CTD member, volunteer & frequent FUN*RUNNER

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Geoff's face is almost entirely obscured by a red head band, American flag sunglasses, and paper face mask.

Geoffrey Glass
long-time CTD member, volunteer, & frequent FUN*RUNNER

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Want to join the team? Give us a shout at info@txdisabilities.org!