March Issue Focus: ECI

CTD Issue Focus March: Early Childhood Intervention (ECI)

This month, CTD takes a look at Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), "a statewide program for families with children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays. ECI supports families to help their children reach their potential through developmental services. Services are provided by a variety of local agencies and organizations across Texas." (Source: DARS) 

In 2013, ECI provided comprehensive services to over 48,193 children (Source: DARS ECI fact sheet). Every county in Texas is served by local programs. Full funding for ECI is critical to ensure services are provided during the crucial earliest years in a child’s life which often show real long term results in the child’s future.

Through our guest blog series, our members and partners will share their stories and expertise about where ECI came from, what it looks like now, and where it's headed. Plus, we've listed opportunities to get involved in supporting and improving ECI. Check out the links on the right to learn more and get active!

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