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During the interim year of 2014, CTD put a spotlight on several issues we planned to work on during the 84th Legislative session in 2015. For each issue, we gathered various viewpoints and showcased stories from real Texans our guest blog, highlighted resources, and informed you how to take action. 

Past issue focus areas:

Advocacy icon: a cluster of simplified figures of different sizes gather around a representation of the state Capitol Building.The 2015 Legislature will be here before we know it, and CTD wants you to be ready! That's why we're extending our issue focus on advocacy through the end of the year. Through 2014, we'll bring you stories of concerned citizens and organizations who made their voices heard, our favorite advocacy tools, and tips for successfully interacting with your representatives. Visit our Advocacy Issue Focus page.

Community Attendant iconCTD's mission hinges on the idea of independent living: that people with disabilities can make their own choices about where and how they live, work, learn, play, and civically engage. For over 30 years, we've advocated for public policies that put this idea into practice. Over July and August, we asked our members and supporters about the policies, programs, and real-life stories of independent living in Texas. Have a look at the guest blog on our Independent Living Issue Focus page to see what they had to say.

Community Attendant iconIn order for some individuals with disabilities to live independently and thrive in the communities of their choice, a sustainable system of supports must be in place, and secure attendant care is crucial part of that system. In May and June, CTD looked at how Community Attendant care functions in Texas, including true stories of successful consumer-attendant relationships, a consideration of the Consumer Directed (CDS) versus agency model, and a lot more.

State BudgetAs spring got underway, CTD turned our attention to the process of building the State Budget. LARs, hearings, the LBB, agencies, and subcommittees- there's a lot to wade through! But the Budget plays a huge role in Texas public policy, and understanding how the State funds its agencies and services can be critical to effective advocacy. Our guest blog and resources help break down the process! Check them out on our Building the State Budget Issue Focus page.

Early developmentFor our first Issue Focus, CTD examined Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), a statewide program for families with children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays. Through our guest blog series, our members and partners shared their stories and expertise about where ECI came from, what it looks like now, and where it's headed. Plus, check out opportunities to get involved in supporting and improving ECI on our ECI Monthly Issue Focus page.