Distracted Driving

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Support legislation that bans Distracted Driving (aka Texting while Driving) to increase pedestrian safety, in particular, for Texans with Disabilities.

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HB 62 (Craddick, etc.), a statewide ban on texting while driving, was passed off the House floor and now makes its way to the Senate. (Mar. 14)

View Drive Out Texas Distraction's Feb. 2 briefing on upcoming legislation to address distracted driving. (Feb. 6)


CTD members have voted to support policies that prevent texting while driving, a safety concern for many in the disability community:

The Texas Department of Transportation estimates that there are 100,000 traffic crashes in Texas each year involving distracted driving. 46 states already have distracted driving laws in place and having Texas join this number would significantly contribute to pedestrian safety for Texans with disabilities.

This issue is coming to the floor for its 4th session. In 2017, Reps. Craddick (HB 62), Cook, Geren, Lucio III (HB 160), Turner (HB 520) and Wu, along with Senators Zaffirini (SB 31, SB 57, & SB 67) and Menendez, will be working to pass legislation to enact a statewide ban on distracted driving.

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