Capitol Accessibility

At the close of the 83rd Legislative session, Representative Susan King broke her leg and relied on a scooter to get around, witnessing first hand some of the issues facing Capitol visitors with disabilities. At Rep. King's urging, the Texas Preservation Board (TPB), which manages the Capitol grounds, started looking at Capitol accessibility. The TPB requested that CTD compile a report of some of the issues that Texans with disabilities have experienced in this area.

Our Report

We asked for input from our members and partners, and found some of the more common problems to be:

In addition, we recommended that TPB include multiple disability organizations in the process of gathering information for future plans. These plans should not only address current accessibility problems at the Capitol, but should also pave the way for greater inclusion of all Texans to participate in their government, including people with disabilities.

Read CTD's full Capitol Accessibility Report.


Next to the gold colored up and down buttons of an elevator, a blue sign with a handiman image reads Please provide priority access for people with disabilities.Based on the data we collected and our recommendations:

The TPB's efforts to improve Capitol accessibility are ongoing! We will post improvements here as they occur.