CDS Testimonials

Testimonial #1

an elderly womanOur family deeply appreciates the option of being able to act as our mother's caregivers under CTD's CDS program. With your agency taking care of essentially all of the paperwork such as the taxes, training and payroll aspects, we are able to completely focus on our mother and her care. We used the traditional agency system in the past and experienced multiple difficulties with finding compassionate, qualified and reliable caregivers. It seemed that as soon as our mother bonded to one (and they understood the complexity of her care) that they would be hired away by another agency, move, get married, etc.

Now my sister is the caregiver and I am acting as my mother's agent. My mother is happy to be with someone who loves her and wants to spend time with her. My sister is able to earn an income while helping our mother. My sister and I work closely together to coordinate meals, medications and doctor appointments, our mother is flourishing. She is smiling again for the first time in years and her health is improving as well! This is a win-win situation for all of us.

Client, Northwest Austin

Testimonial #2

an elderly womanThe difference between the CDS system and the standard agency model is that my sister changed from the often-neglected and digitized "client" to the employer. This more personable and functional relationship is reflected in the positive attitudes of both the employees and the employer.

Client, Northeast Austin



Testimonial #3

an elderly womanMy mother and my family cannot thank CTD enough for what you have done for us. After trying to use a standard agency we realized that we would not get the kind of help that my mother needed. We then looked into Self-Directed Services where we could be certain we would be getting the services my mother needed. We had bad luck with the first Self-Directed Company (they could not get their act together). When CTD came over to enroll my mother we were up and running in no time and we haven't had any problems with them since! My Mother is now getting the best of care and she is doing well.