Nathan Nordstrom

Nathan Nordstrom, a.k.a. Sloke One, is a self-trained artist and muralist with over two decades of experience, who developed his artistic expression, initially by way of a spray paint can. Over the years, what began as spray can art has evolved into creative arrangements of color and expression.

Raised in Austin, Nathan feels a strong connection to his environment and cultural surroundings. In 1990 he approached Al “Skam” Martinez–a muralist Nathan had admired and respected for a number of years. Under his mentor’s guidance, Nathan developed a deep connection with spray can art and even deeper respect for his mentor and the indisputable integrity every artist should never compromise. Nathan draws inspiration equally from the progressive urban climate and the earth’s natural state. He identifies with life– life in its purest form as well as its most compromised–and it in turn drives his expression, a story illustrated by Nathan’s creative hand. Colors are vibrant, animated and deliberate, yet show thought, beauty and movement. Spray can art is something that many outside of the genre have not easily comprehended, but something that, once explored, made an impression. Those who follow Nathan’s work consider it an expression unequivocal to none, and a fine art in its own right.

Nordstrom is not only an accomplished muralist but a premier curator of street art gallery shows. Though the mountain of shows, commissions, design, curations and commercial projects run miles high, he considers three curated shows his most celebrated accomplishments: “Pieced Together”, the first ever nationwide tour of Texas spray can artists, The “Balcones Burner Bash”, the first ever spray can art competition on freight trains, and "Emerge", Austin’s premier annual spray can art show. Emerge, now in its 5th year, was conceptualized and is still curated and produced by Nordstrom, who considers it to be one of his greatest achievements.

Aside from painting, Nathan has taught spray can art at the Dougherty Arts Center of Austin and the Mexican American Cultural Center. He has produced works for the Austin Museum of Art, Gallery Lombardi, and the annual Austin City Hall Art Show.  His artwork has been featured by esteemed publications and media such as Paramount Studios, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, FOX-7 News, KLRU, The Austin Chronicle, The Statesman and many more.  His current works include commercial art projects as well as private commissions and he regularly tours Texas, the United States, and Europe. Nordstrom looks forward to his second European tour. He resides in Austin, Texas.

Learn more and view art at Sloke One's website.