April Issue Focus: Building the State Budget

CTD Issue Focus April: Building the State Budget

In April, CTD turns our attention to the process of building the State Budget. LARs, hearings, the LBB, agencies, and subcommittees- there's a lot to wade through! But the Budget plays a huge role in Texas public policy, and understanding how the State funds its agencies and services can be critical to effective advocacy. 

That's why we've asked some of our members, partners, and colleagues to offer their expertise and experience with the Budget process in straight forward language. And check out resources, calls to action, and more in the right-hand sidebar.

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"Disability Issues" covers a lot of ground, and CTD works year round to bring about positive change in as many policy areas as we can. Tell us where you would like to be more involved, and we'll keep you informed about opportunities to support your highest priority issues!

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